7 Common Mistakes That New Bloggers Make – And How to Avoid Them

Avoid common blogging mistakes

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The number of blogs that currently exist is huge, and it’s growing every day. For example, there are over 63 million WordPress.com blogs alone. Meanwhile, 100,00 new blogs are being added every day. It is clear that more and more people are becoming interested in the power of blogging.  Whether to gain leads for their business, display their expertise, or simply to let others know about their personal life, blogs have become a popular means of communication all around the globe.

Unfortunately, many of these blogs end up failing. They don’t get the traffic that is desired, the comments section is a barren wasteland, and they get zero referrals or leads.

However, that doesn’t have to be you. There are ways to avoid the common mistakes that  lead to blog failure and raise the chances of running a successful blog.

Here are the seven most common mistakes that new bloggers make, and how to avoid the mistakes and succeed at blogging.

You don’t market

The lack of actual marketing is probably the biggest mistakes that new bloggers make. Many create a blog with the hope that good search engine optimization and demand will automatically drive traffic to their content. The problem is that it doesn’t. Instead, their blog gathers virtual dust, as visitors fail to ever stumble across it. While the “build it and they will come” theory may work in the Field of Dreams, this certainly does not work for web content. Unless you actively market your website and blog, you will get no traffic.

How to avoid:

There are many ways in which you can market your blog. Google Adwords and Facebook ads are two of the most popular ways of marketing your blog. Even if you have a severely limited budget, you can still do a great job marketing your site without breaking the bank – for example guest posting, forum marketing, and utilizing your own blog are all ways to effectively market your site without having to spend a dime.


Target market selection issues

If you don’t correctly select a target audience that you will be marketing with your blog, then your entire library of content may be effectively wasted. Understanding and targeting the right market is critical in effectively marketing your content.  Even if you produce funny, interesting and engaging content, if you present it to people who have little to no interest in your subject matter, then your audience simply will not care. They will not be engaged, they will not be interested, and they certainly will not buy from you.

How to avoid:

Develop a profile of your ideal target client. Figure out as many details as possible in order to best tailor your content and delivery system. Then make sure that the channels in which you’re advertising are those that best suit your target client. Boom – targeting success!


Not solving your audience’s problems

Not sufficiently or concretely developing content that solves your audience’s problem is another major reason for blog failure. Content creators have the propensity to fall in love to with their writing, to the point where they no longer fulfill the main aim of their content – which is to solve the problems of audience. Yet many content creators make the mistake of not producing content with this aim – instead they ramble on about their own personal bugbears or issues.

How to avoid:

Make your content solution oriented – explain carefully and concretely the issues that your target audience faces, and exactly how you can help them in achieving the best possible solution to these issues. Focus on content that examines your audience’s issues rather than yours.


Not designing your website properly

A badly designed website will guarantee that visitors will leave your site before even getting to your blog. In fact, it has been showed that visitors make an evaluation of your website within 10 seconds, meaning that if your website isn’t attractive and navigable enough within that time then potential customers will leave and not come back. Forget what is often said about content – the truth is, design is king and is the key to getting potential clients to stay on your website. No matter how great your content is, if your website isn’t properly designed, then your content will simply never be read.

How to avoid:

If possible, have a designer professionally design your website. If this isn’t possible, then is lots of information that will help you to design an easy to use and navigable website  . When you’re finished on your (re)design, ask a number of friends to test out the website, one page at a time. Get their feedback and incorporate it into your design.


Abandoning your content too quickly

Many bloggers make the mistake of abandoning their blog far too quickly. Getting leads and engagement is a long term game, something that takes months or even years to organically generate. This is doubly true if it’s your first blog, since mistakes will be a natural part of learning. Perseverance is necessary when embarking on any content marketing strategy such as blogging, and even more so if you’re new to the blogging experience.

How to avoid:

Set yourself a reasonable time limit to achieve your goals, and make sure that you don’t quit before the end of that time limit. Be willing to revise those limits if necessary without stretching things out too long.


You don’t form relationships with others in your niche

Not bothering to connect and form relationships with other like-minded people in your niche is another one of the mistakes that new bloggers make. Many people who decide to market their website plod along on their own, failing to connect with other thought leaders or other similar people in their niche. When their content fails to achieve syndication or promotion, then you begin to wonder where you went wrong.

How to avoid:

Reach out to other website owners and bloggers in your niche. Offer them a service, or ask to provide one for them. Guest posting can be a powerful tool with which to form relationships with   Get active in forums, make blog comments, and offer help and assistance to those who you see need it.


It’s not your passion

You dread every time that you log on to your website, or hate writing content. Not caring what you’re writing about is another big reason why so many blogs end up failing. If this is the case for you, then you have already committed another one of the common mistakes that new bloggers make. If you’re not blogging on something that you’re passionate about, then you’ll find it hard to motivate yourself to continue working and producing your best effort. In order to run a successful blog it is critical to choose something that you truly care about.

How to avoid:

Don’t run from idea to idea, trying to cash in on the latest craze or whatever allegedly has the highest profit margin. Start a blog that you care about, that you feel passionate about, and that you can be proud of.


Building and sustaining a popular blog is hard work! It’s no surprise that many blogs never achieve popularity and end up failing or being abandoned. By avoiding these seven common mistakes that new blogger make, then you too will be able to launch your own successful blog.


 What mistakes have you made when creating your blog? Don’t be shy, tell us below!

6 comments to 7 Common Mistakes That New Bloggers Make – And How to Avoid Them

  1. Robyn says:

    Found you through Carol’s link party!

    What a well timed post for me, as I just started Living What You Love two weeks ago. You’ve reminded me to stay focused on my audience, and to persevere even if I don’t get the interaction I’m hoping for right away. Thank you!
    Robyn recently posted…6 Reasons You Should Write at a Coffee ShopMy Profile

  2. I also found you through Carol’s link party: this immediately proves the truth of your statement about connecting with other bloggers.

    My main problem is limiting my scope of interests in order to target a very specific audience — but I’m not very sure whether I should ultimately limit myself so much.

    I’m a service provider (translator, writer), and my job has also to do with literature, languages, internet use, and the like.

    Would you care to take a look at my website, and tell me what your first impression is? The blog is fairly new, so certain categories are not developed yet, but you’ll get the picture of what I’m trying to do over there.
    Helene Poulakou recently posted…Social Media for Freelancers: Job Hunting on FacebookMy Profile

    • Daryl George says:

      Hey Helene,

      I definitely don’t think you’re in too small of a niche. In fact, some people concentrate on just *one* niche as opposed to doing something like offering both translation and travel writing services.
      Your website looks good, but personally I’d suggest that you’d get a much better critique in the Freelance Writers Den. There’s a whole section dedicated to reviewing your website and you’d get a much better and more in depth feedback in terms of a review.

      However, my first impression is that it’s pretty decent. I know some people recommend not having too many options (e.g. splitting up your blog into different sections) but if it works for you then that’s just fine!

  3. Wajid khan says:

    I thinks a biggest mistake are newbie bloggers are doing is to copy other websites contents, Being original with your content increases your reader’s trust in you. Your readers will soon grow to know, appreciate, and expect your writing style. So newbies have to write their original contents on their site.
    Wajid khan recently posted…Top 7 Android Apps for April 2014My Profile

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