5 Reasons Why Hiring a Freelance Writer is a No-Brainer

Every business needs written content. It could be in the form of a thrilling description for your product, an awesome ad that makes people run to your store, a well written blog post that makes …

Every business needs written content.

It could be in the form of a thrilling description for your product, an awesome ad that makes people run to your store, a well written blog post that makes your readers trust you, or an article that works to build your brand.  Great content in the form of the written word has the ability to stir up emotions, to influence behavior, and to convince people to commit action. The better your content is, the stronger and more profitable your business will be. Yet some businesses ignore the painfully obvious solution to creating kick-ass content. They don’t hire a dedicated freelance writer.

There are lots of excuses that these business owners and employees give for not hiring a freelance writer to write their content. Maybe they think that hiring a freelance writer isn’t worth the expense. Maybe they think that they or one of their employees can write “well enough” to satisfy their audience. Some business owners don’t think that freelance writers know enough about their product or field to convey what they think they need to.

These people are mistaken.

Here are 5 reasons why hiring a freelance writer is a no-brainer:

1. When you hire a freelance writer, you save time

The simple truth is that most business owners and executives don’t have the time to produce quality content for their potential and current customers. With numerous deadlines to meet, products to source, and staff to manage, the average businessman has too much to do and too much on his mind to produce content that sells. As a result, promotional articles, web copy, and other forms of content may end up not being done well, or not at all. By hiring a freelance writer, business owners and managers can save precious time and engage in other aspects of the business while freelance writers produce compelling content.

2. When you hire a freelance writer, you get new and original ideas and content

Even the most knowledgeable and experienced of business persons become entrenched in a certain mindset when working in or with a particular area or niche. They begin to conform and believe particular norms and opinions that may be boring, rehashed, or even detrimental to their readers.

A freelance writer, however, does not have the mental baggage associated with someone who has been working full-time with the company, and can provide fresh and unique insights into the field or niche that you would like them to explore. These new insights are far more likely to inspire and encourage a potential audience.

3. When you hire a freelance writer, you get a communication expert

Freelance writers are writers. This means that they are experienced in originating, designing and communicating a coherent message in a way that resonates with your intended audience, influence or change your audience’s mindset, and encourage behaviors that will be advantageous to your business. A good freelance writer can build a brand, engage with readers, and build trust.

These are all valuable skills, and even though a business owner or his or her staff may know a great deal about his or her business or niche, often times they simply cannot compete with the freelance writer’s ability to take an idea or message and communicate that to the reader in a concise yet easy-to-understand manner. Freelance writers are a powerful medium for amplifying your message.

4. When you hire a freelance writer, that writer has to perform well

It’s their job, and they need to perform well in order to ensure that they continue working. Unlike a salaried employee, under performing freelance writers will be dropped, meaning that there is a high incentive to produce quality work.  Not only that, but freelance writers have a dedicated role that allows them to be far more focused than the average business owner. Because writing is what freelance writers specialize in, you can be assured of writing of a higher overall standard and quality than from another worker whose performance isn’t tied to how well their articles are written, or who has many other tasks that distract from producing top quality content.

5.  When you hire a freelance writer, you make more money

One of the most compelling reasons for hiring a freelance writer is that they enable you to make more money. With their  ability to communicate, their expertise, their ability to SEO your  information, and an ability to bring  fresh and  engaging ideas to the table, freelance writers  can elevate your business  to the point where customers come to you simply because of a well written article. Freelance writers allow you to save money by not having to hire a dedicated employee, saving valuable funds. By hiring a freelance writer, you can stop leaving money on the table and begin giving your company the promotion that it deserves.

In short, hiring a dedicated freelance writer to craft your content for you is a no-brainer. A freelance writer does not just type random letters or words; think of them as sculptors, chipping blocks of words into a coherent structure, paying attention to every detail in order to create a new masterpiece. If you have a business that needs content, then you need to hire a freelance writer.

If you’re a freelance writer, let me know some of the benefits that you bring to the table. If you’re a business that hires a freelance writer, I would love to hear your thoughts on the pros/cons of hiring a freelance writer.