About Me

My name is Daryl George, and I’m a freelance blogger. As an online entrepreneur, I enjoy the freedom of working for myself and on my own set schedule. As a student of business, I understand the need for businesses to be able to connect with their audience as a way to increase sales and consumer engagement. And as a writer, I know the importance of catching and holding the fleeting attention of a reader.

I have an academic background in Psychology, with undergraduate and graduate degrees in the subject. My Master’s Degree in Consumer Psychology with Business has helped me to learn how to better understand and analyze consumers in order to best shape and deliver a coherent message. I have always been a fan of both psychology and business, and my studies in Consumer Psychology have allowed me to combine the best of both worlds, particularly in aspects such as entrepreneurial marketing and purchase motivation and behavior.

Got any questions? Send me an email at daryl[at]darylgeorge.com and I’ll be happy to talk, whether you need a free quote about creating content for your blog or advice on creating a successful strategy for your blog.