How to Choose SEO Expert

An SEO expert is responsible for about 50% of the targeted traffic on average site, bringing in almost 50% of the site’s online visitors. Since most websites that manage to land in the first five SERP positions on the major search engines get an estimated 70% of the clicks, it’s no surprise that achieving a … Read more

Targeting Buyers with Your Keywords

The very best way to substantially decrease the number of visitors bouncing off your website is to be more selective when it comes to your keyword options. Long-tail keywords do simply that. So What is a Long Tail Keyword? As you probably might know, a keyword does not have to be just one word like … Read more

What Digital Marketing Consultant Offer

Are you concerned about your competitors? Do you think that your competitors are moving ahead of you? Don’t worry digital marketing consultant, such as Anton Psak, is there for you and will help you in maintaining a stable web prominence in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing. Search engine optimisation is a … Read more

Why You Need To Learn Content Marketing

The way in which people are deciding to buy has fundamentally changed. Consumers are no longer trapped, forced to consume a static amount of information. Information that is littered with advertisements, calls to actions, or infomercials. Consumers now have a choice. And many consumers exercise this choice by simply turning off the traditional marketing channels. … Read more

7 Beliefs That Limit Your Freelance Writing Earnings

Are you having problems with making the leap to becoming a successful freelance writer? Maybe you’re frustrated from swimming in the same pool of low paying clients, or you find landing these clients difficult. Believe it or not, your problem may not be the economic downturn, or the large amount of cheap international writers. No, … Read more

7 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Blog

Blogs are quickly becoming more popular with average, everyday businesses. According to an industry survey by marketing software company Hubspot, over 65% of all businesses have blogs in their website, with this percentage steadily growing. However, there are still some companies who refuse to blog. This may be because they don’t have the time to … Read more

5 Reasons Why Hiring a Freelance Writer is a No-Brainer

Every business needs written content. It could be in the form of a thrilling description for your product, an awesome ad that makes people run to your store, a well written blog post that makes your readers trust you, or an article that works to build your brand.  Great content in the form of the … Read more