20 Reasons Why Your Business Blog Sucks (And How To Fix It Quick)

business blog photoYou hear that sound, don’t you?

You know what I’m talking about. Your business blog. It sucks. Hard.

You thought it would be a customer attracting magnet.  But instead, it’s turned out to be a dud. You’ve got no new leads or sales. Nobody bothers to comment or share your content. And your visitor statistics makes it seem like a ghost town.

Thankfully, your blog doesn’t have to suck. There ways in which you can begin increasing your visitor stats, get your readers more engaged, and turn them into paying customers.

And it doesn’t have to take long, or be difficult either.

Here are 20 quick fixes to stop your business blog from sucking.

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A Case Study on Ethical Internet Marketing in the Modern Age

Ethical Internet Marketing

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

A few weeks ago I ran across what was probably the strangest post I’d seen on a popular internet marketing blog in a long, long time.

The blog was Matthew Woodward’s blog- if you haven’t heard of him he’s an award winning business and internet blogger.

In fact, I had been following him for a while, gathering value from several of his posts such as how to build a top 100 blog. In fact, I had even asked him to publish my income reports on his site, as he does a monthly income roundup.

In other words, I trusted him.

So why was I so turned off by this post? The problem was in the “secret sauce” that the guest post was promoting. Continue reading

My Review of the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification Course

inbound-marketing-certification-square-150x150Demonstrating bonified and verfiable skills and knowledge can be difficult when it comes to internet marketing. If you’re looking for someone who has the skills to market your internet based business, there are lots of charlatans and snake-oil salesmen who promise much, but deliver little. How do you know who to trust when it comes to your baby – your business?

On the other side of the coin, those looking to break into the internet marketing business may find it nigh impossible. Competing with cut throat competition at a fraction of your price leaves you feeling like the deck is stacked against you. How do you prove your skill and knowledge when most pitches go straight to your client’s junk mail folders?

What if there was an easy way for clients to find persons with demonstrable skills, or a way for internet marketers to show potential clients that they can satisfy their internet marketing needs?

Thankfully, there is. One of the leaders in inbound marketing, Hubspot, has provided the solution in developing a certification course that will ensure that those who complete it have the most up to date knowledge and understanding of inbound marketing practices. Here is my  review of the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification Course .  Continue reading

9 Kickass Posts of September 2014 – Roundup

Photo Courtesy of Her Campus

Photo Courtesy of Her Campus

Are you tired of having to sift through the internet, looking through hundreds of generic articles that simply rehash old information just to find one that can help your business?

Do you struggle to wade through an ocean of content before finally striking that one article that tackles the issues that you face?

Are you searching for enlightenment but struggle to find that spark to brighten up the recesses of your mind?

Guess what?

We’ve got you covered.

After being inspired by Firepole’s Marketing Best of the Web series, I’ve decided to highlight the kickass articles that you didn’t realise you wanted to read. You know, the ones that teach you valuable skills, the ones that give you that elusive lightbulb moment, and the ones that will help you to continue making steps up your business ladder

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20 Statistics That Will Change the Way You Look at Internet Marketing

20 Statistics That Will Change the Way You Look at Internet MarketingWhen running any business, information about your niche is critical in order to develop best practices or avoid making unnecessary blunders. When used properly and consistently, information can have a positive impact on business and profitability. When ignored, business owners may be left scratching their heads, wondering why their business went down in flames. Of particular usefulness in the field of internet marketing is statistics: these pieces of data compiled by from thousands and sometimes millions of users can often give us, those who have any component of their business that uses the web, a clear and obvious path through the mountain of information that we have to sift through daily. Below, I have compiled a list of 20 surprising statistics that will change the way you look at internet marketing, and have also including links on getting you up to speed on any areas that you may have deficiencies in.

Happy reading!

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How to Make a Full Time Income from Part Time Hours

Full Time Living on Part Time HoursFor a number of different reasons, the dream of making  a full time income while only working part time hours is one that is both desired and elusive. For some people, their dream is to determine whether their part time career can make them enough money to support them if they decide to quit their 9-5. For others, they need to make a significantly larger income than they already are. And for some, they simply want to be able to enjoy life without having to work the 40 hours per work. They want to kick back, maybe have a round of golf or play with their children.

Then reality hits.

Children to feed, a mortgage to repay, or maybe a student loan hanging over our heads mean that we simply can’t afford to dream about making a living off part time hours.

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How To Become an Online Authority

Photo Courtesy of Green Leads

Photo Courtesy of Green Leads

You’re browsing through the internet, sharpening your content creation skills when you finally decide that you want to sharpen your writing skills. Maybe you’re already pretty good, but you believe that extra 1% improvement may be just what you need to drum up new business.

On a whim, you decide that instead of downloading another book to your Kindle, you wante something that you could hold, something that you could touch and feel, technology be damned. You wander down to your local bookstore for something that will teach you about writing, something that both help you and entertain you.

You look through the nearly empty store a bit before your eyes settle on one particular book. Stephen King’s “On Writing” settles in your vision, and you leaf through a few pages before disturbing the cashier’s quest for a new high score on Bejeweled and leave the store.

There’s a reason why you bought that particular book.

Welcome to the world of authority.

Becoming an authority in your field is one of the most useful and critical things that you can do to further your business or website. People are more likely to purchase from an authority or expert, so that means that you can increase your bottom line. Of course, as an authority, they will trust you more as well, giving your ideas and information more weight and credence. Not only that, your website can enjoy the benefit of traffic, as authorities command more traffic and traffic of a higher quality.

But how do you become an online authority? It’s much easier said than done. Here are 8 specific and actionable tips that will help you to become the online authority that you’ve always wanted to be.

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How One Simple Secret Will Get You to Rank On Page 1 of Google

Simple Secret to ranking on page 1 of Google

Image Courtesy of Susan May

Are you one of those writers who follow the unwritten rules of SEO?

Do you meticulously count the amount of keywords that you put into every article to reach that “perfect” keyword density?

Maybe you have contracted out to Fiverr to spread your backlinks around as part of your grand SEO strategy?

Do you make sure that even your pictures have your keywords or phrase?

Here’s the little secret that I found out about how to rank on page 1 of Google:

None of that really matters.

That’s right. You’ve been fooled. Bamboozled. Hoodwinked.

Maybe it once mattered greatly. Or maybe it still matters a bit. It’s hard to decide, as many people have tried and failed to keep up with the way that Google and other web search engines rank webpages. In fact, many experts don’t even know when Google changes its search algorithms until they publicly say so.

What does matter, however, is that there is one simple technique to let you rank on page 1 of Google.

You don’t have to spend money on any so called SEO experts, or replicate any strange black hat SEO strategies.

It’s a simple method should be in great demand, yet none of the vaunted SEO guru’s seem to be talking about it.

It’s something that will have even sites with the tiniest bit of web traffic leap up the search charts. In fact, this simple hack works best for people who have little traffic and can’t afford expensive SEO tools or consultants.

What is this secret?

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7 Common Mistakes That New Bloggers Make – And How to Avoid Them

Avoid common blogging mistakes

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

The number of blogs that currently exist is huge, and it’s growing every day. For example, there are over 63 million WordPress.com blogs alone. Meanwhile, 100,00 new blogs are being added every day. It is clear that more and more people are becoming interested in the power of blogging.  Whether to gain leads for their business, display their expertise, or simply to let others know about their personal life, blogs have become a popular means of communication all around the globe.

Unfortunately, many of these blogs end up failing. They don’t get the traffic that is desired, the comments section is a barren wasteland, and they get zero referrals or leads.

However, that doesn’t have to be you. There are ways to avoid the common mistakes that  lead to blog failure and raise the chances of running a successful blog.

Here are the seven most common mistakes that new bloggers make, and how to avoid the mistakes and succeed at blogging.

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4 Rules About Blogging You Need to Break

Breaking the blogging rules

Photo Courtesy of Edward Simpson

Rules are an important part of life – they help keep activities organized, and they also prevent others from wasting time or effort in unproductive activities. In every aspect of our lives there are official and unofficial rules that need to be followed.

Blogging is no exception.

Almost every guide about blogging has a strict set of rules, and almost every expert blogger advises strict adherence to these rules. In almost every case, these expert bloggers are totally correct and justified in handing out their unbreakable rules about blogging.

Almost every case.

You see, there are times when these rules about blogging don’t help you. Times when these rules lead to ineffective content.

There are times when these rules need to be broken.

Here are four rules about blogging that you need to break:

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